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PTO Participates In Launch Of Observatory On Illicit Trade

Author:Moeller IP Advisors
Profession:Moeller IP Advisors

On May 10, 2016, the Chilean PTO together with other public institutions such as the Police, National Customs Service and the Internal Revenue Service, participated in the launch of the Observatory on Illicit Trade at the National Chamber of Commerce.

This is a pioneer initiative in both Chile and Latin America that aims, through the joint work of public and private institutions, to generate relevant information for the creation of public policies to fight illicit trade.

Ricardo Mewes, president of the National Chamber of Commerce, states: "The illicit trade comprises contraband, piracy and abuse of intellectual property rights. It is a serious problem because it affects our country in economic and social terms. Through the Observatory, as National Chamber of Commerce, we want to be an example...

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